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Why Fire Rated Duct Wrap is Essential for Every Kitchen

Fire Rated Duct Wrap

 Grease ducts are designed specifically to vent grease-laden flammable vapours from cooking equipment (such as stoves, deep fryers, and woks) outside a home or building. Their construction and maintenance is regulated and it is an essential part of the building's passive fire protection system. Fire codes or related safety regulations have to be followed while cleaning them. This is because grease and other exhaust from a kitchen is highly combustible, significantly increasing the risk of fire. The use of fire rated duct wrap in your kitchen is important to prevent a fire from spreading. Multi-story commercial and residential buildings usually use air distribution systems (ADS) to provide the necessary heating, cooling and ventilating functions. These systems must meet the minimum performance and fire safety standards set by the building code. At Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd, we provide fire rated duct wraps to our clients in Toronto. Our experienced team can handle all commercial and residential projects. We also provide quality commercial air conditioning services.

Different Types of Fire Resistant Ductwork There are four types of fire resistant ductwork. They are: · Ventilation Fire Ductwork This can be either a supply or an extract duct. It requires a fire rating and has to be tested for type A fire outside and type B fire inside the duct. It is not essential for the ductwork to retain its cross sectional area during a fire. · Smoke Extract Fire Ductwork This is used to extract smoke from a building and must be fire rated. It should be tested for stability and insulation; its cross sectional area should not reduce by more than 25% during a fire. This is so it can perform its primary function of extracting smoke. · Non-Domestic Kitchen Extract Fire Ductwork Also called grease ducting, it is tested for both type A fire outside and type B fire inside it. This is essential to prevent flammable grease from catching fire. · Pressurisation Ductwork This is used to restrict smoke from certain critical areas of the building. This is done by ensuring that the air within those areas is at a higher pressure than that in the adjacent areas. Benefits of Using Fire Rated Duct Wrap Ducts that are protected with flexible fire rated duct wrap provide physical access to the air control equipment. We have listed a few advantages of using fire rated duct wrap below: · The materials used in fire rated ductwork have higher fire resistance compared to standard ductwork. There are several materials available in the market; these provide fire protection for two hours to up to four hours. · Fire rated ductwork is designed in accordance with the fire safety code of your province. These systems go through extensive testing to make sure that they meet or surpass the safety requirements. · Fire rated duct wrap is also used to provide insulation. This makes the thermal rating an essential factor while selecting a material for your duct system. · High-quality fire resistant systems are more versatile. They help protect many components such as shafts, gas pipes, cables, kitchen exhaust ducts and ventilation exhaust. If you are looking for fire rated duct wraps in Toronto, Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd is the place for you. We offer commercial HVAC installation services. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and skills to deliver excellent results. For more information on our commercial HVAC solutions, contact us today!



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