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Effective Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Services in Toronto & GTA

A happy kitchen team means better food! For Toronto businesses, quality commercial kitchen exhaust services are essential. Cooking requires good air circulation and ventilation so chefs, servers and other food service professionals can be successful at their jobs. Maintaining your commercial kitchen exhaust system regularly will also let your valued patrons enjoy a relaxing meal and contribute to your business. A commercial kitchen does a lot more work than a home kitchen, and therefore needs a more sophisticated ventilation system to avoid stinging eyes, breathing difficulties and unhygienic grease particles that linger.

When it comes to commercial kitchen exhaust services, Toronto businesses can trust Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd to deliver excellent results. Since 2005, we’ve been serving the GTA with our HVAC knowledge and skills, making residential and commercial climates more livable and enjoyable.

Our team in Toronto installs, repairs and maintains your kitchen exhaust system to maximize its potential. No need to be frustrated, we’ll have your climate ideal for human comfort and productivity in no time. Call us today for a quote, and we’ll gladly discuss your unique commercial kitchen exhaust service needs. Expect an honest, reasonable estimate, friendly service and complete clean-up work afterwards.

What is a Kitchen Exhaust System?

A kitchen exhaust system can be understood as an exhaust hood or an extractor hood. It is a device that helps remove fumes, odors, combustion products, smoke, heat, and steam from your kitchen. This is done by the evacuation and subsequent filtration of the air in your kitchen by a mechanical fan that is usually hung over a stove or a cooktop.

Residential vs Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Service Providers

Residential and commercial kitchen exhaust systems differ in terms of their weight, building codes, exhaust hoods, safety measures, appearance, ventilation, recirculation, cap (roof vs side cap), lighting, electronic controls and sensors, etc. These differences make the servicing procedures, requirements, etc., very different for both types of systems. As a result, even the handling and serving of both types of systems are very different.


While some service providers cater to both residential and commercial needs, it is advisable to opt for a service provider who specializes in an area. Here at Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd, we specialize in servicing commercial kitchen exhaust systems in Toronto and GTA, and have a great reputation in the industry for superior quality of our work over the years.

What You Should Know As a Business Owner

Kitchen exhaust systems are extremely important, but unfortunately, there is a lack of information about them amongst the community of business owners. As a business owner, here are a few things you must know about the commercial kitchen exhaust system:


Trivial as it may sound, many business owners do not know of the importance of a commercial kitchen exhaust system and their regular maintenance. Unmaintained kitchen exhaust systems can cause fires due to clogging ducts by grease and grime. They can also cause monetary damage- not only due to accidents but due to various other reasons as well. For example, insurance claims can be rejected on the grounds of unmaintained kitchen exhaust systems. Additionally, since unmaintained kitchen exhaust systems are a health and safety hazard, they can, if found, be used to implicate hefty fines and fees on the business.


Elements of a kitchen exhaust system clean

A complete kitchen exhaust system clean must include the following elements:

  • A top to bottom scrape lean of your system
  • Cleaning of all ducts and ducting systems
  • Cleaning of ventilation systems
  • Cleaning of fans and other appurtenances
  • Filter maintenance and change


Timelines for kitchen exhaust system maintenance

The regularity of the maintenance of a kitchen exhaust system is determined by the extensiveness of its usage. If the system is used for 12-16 hours a day, maintenance should be done every 3 months. If the system is used for 6-12 hours a day, maintenance should be done every 6 months. And if the system is used for 2-6 hours a day, maintenance should be done once a year.


Since commercial kitchen exhaust systems are complex devices that need to be handled with care, it is always advisable to get the maintenance of your system done by a professional.

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Why Choose Us?

At Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd, we are a team of dedicated professionals with experience and expertise in the area of serving commercial kitchen exhaust systems. Be it repair, maintenance or installation, we can cater to all your needs in Toronto. Call us today to get a quote.

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Not Feeling Good About Your Kitchen Exhaust?

Get your commercial kitchen exhaust system serviced from us.

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