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What Is Air Balancing and When Is It Necessary?

Commercial Air Balancing

Often when you think that your HVAC system is deteriorated, making you worry over the cost of a replacement, a simple air balancing procedure can help restore its efficiency and increase its life. Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd has been providing some of the most efficient commercial HVAC services since 2005. In this short read, you can familiarize yourself with what exactly air balancing is and when would you need it.

What is air balancing? Air balancing is the method of optimizing an HVAC system to ensure proper airflow throughout the building and thereby maintaining the desired temperatures as set by the thermostat. Air conditioning issues are often the result of poor maintenance leading to air leakage or air blockage. So, in an air balancing test, the air outlets installed across the duct layout are checked for any inconsistencies in airflow. This process will reveal any problems in the ducts like leakage or blockage. Following this, the air pressure generated/received by the HVAC system is tested using a manometer. Finally, the humidity in the different areas of the building is checked with a hygrometer. All of this data is then assessed to pinpoint whether the issue lies with the air conditioner units or the air supply network precisely. When do you need it? The efficiency of an HVAC system can face serious setbacks if the airflow is not regulated correctly. Cranking up the settings will do little to improve the air conditioning level when there is air leakage or blockage. An HVAC maintenance professional can determine the areas that need work to fix the issues in air balancing. Read our blog to learn essential tips that can help you maintain your HVAC system in good condition. Situations that should make you consider an air balancing test are: When you are getting an HVAC system installed in your building When you feel that there is a significant difference in the temperatures in adjacent rooms When you feel that there are areas in the building that are cooler or warmer than the rest of the building When you think that the HVAC system is not functioning efficiently Although the air conditioner units hold the sole responsibility of regulating temperatures inside a building, without perfectly laid air-ducts and strategically placed outlets, they will never function at optimum efficiency. Furthermore, even if the HVAC system is properly installed, without regular maintenance, the system is bound to fall into disrepair. Damaged air ducts, loose duct joints and blockages in the vents are the main causes of imbalanced air conditioning. All of these issues can be identified by a thorough air balancing test and fixed to make your building air conditioning better. Commercial building plans must include an efficient duct system. Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd provides HVAC installations for commercial buildings. We also offer excellent HVAC system services throughout Toronto and GTA. Contact us today to schedule a commercial air balancing test.

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