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Weatherizing Your HVAC System for Any Season

	Commercial HVAC contractors

Business owners have always been looking for ways to reduce expenses without compromising on the standard of living. Weatherizing offers a cost-effective way to improve indoor comfort. You will also be benefited from the improved energy efficiency of your HVAC system. You can always call professional commercial HVAC contractors for the job but there are certain things you can do by yourself. We will be discussing it in this blog post. At Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd, we provide full service commercial HVAC services, offering installation and repair work for systems. Our talented team of technicians is an expert in working from basement residential heating systems to rooftop commercial HVAC systems. You can always count on us in getting the job done right.

What Is Weatherizing? It refers to safeguarding your home from elements that reduce energy efficiency. The process will prevent the transfer of heat through the ceilings and walls of your home. This is done so you don’t lose heat in winter and gain it in summer. The process can radically increase the energy efficiency of your cooling and heating systems, by preventing the loss of conditioned air. Generally, weatherizing can be a major undertaking executed by only commercial HVAC contractors. But alternatively, there are inexpensive, small upgrades that you can effectively implement. Year-Round Maintenance of Your HVAC System Your HVAC system works silently behind the scenes all year. This makes the system out of sight but you should ensure that they are not out of mind. There are specific maintenance tasks to be executed on all seasons, so you can depend on the system without fail. For Spring Air conditioning maintenance during spring will keep your indoor air as fresh and clean as the rest of the house. You should ensure to · Clean the evaporator and condenser coils · Check refrigerant levels · Adjust and clean blower components · Inspect the condensate drain · Check controls of the system For Summer The harsh summer heat can very much bring down the comfort of your home. You should ensure to · Use heat pumps as they pull heat from indoor air and send it outside · Set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise for refreshing wind · Keep your home warmer than normal when you are away and lower the thermostat setting only when you are at home For Fall See that you schedule a heating tune-up in the fall to ready your home for the cooler season ahead. You should ensure to · Check gas connections of your heater · Inspect the heat exchanger and burner combustion · Lubricate moving parts · Conduct a static pressure test · Regularly clear fallen leaves from around the outside unit For Winter It’s necessary to keep your home cozy and cost-efficient in winter for maximizing energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort. For that, you should ensure to · Cover exposed pipes for insulation to prevent them from freezing and breaking · Get furnace tune-up as the system will be transitioning from air condition to heating · Switch ceiling fans to the clockwise rotation for pulling warm air down · Keep your home cooler than usual when you are away and raise the thermostat setting only when you are at home Let Us Help We have been Commercial HVAC contractors in the Greater Toronto Area since 2005. We pride ourselves on returning clients, word-of-mouth recommendations and great reviews. For information on HVAC solutions while renovating a commercial space, read our blog post. Call us to know more about our services.

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