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Renovating Your Commercial Space? We Have the Best HVAC Solutions.

	Commercial HVAC

While renovating your commercial space, you can modify your HVAC system also. Change the old heating and cooling solutions like boilers, and install the latest products. With advanced technology, commercial HVAC equipment are now more energy-efficient. Offer benefits including lower energy bills, better working environments and a boost in productivity. Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd. has been providing commercial HVAC services in the Greater Toronto Area since 2005. Our team is committed to providing expert workmanship and quality products.

Our HVAC Solutions You may own a warehouse, an office complex, a store or a restaurant; our solutions cover all businesses. The following are some of what we offer: 1. Split AC systems – These are the most common type of air-conditioners with an outdoor and an indoor cabinet. The outdoor one has a compressor, a fan and a condenser coil, while the indoor one has a blower, dampers, an air handler and an evaporator coil. These are of two types – single-split and multi-split. The former is ideal for cafes and small offices, while the latter is better for larger spaces, such as doctor’s offices and retail shops. Multiple-split systems are good for buildings with numerous walls or floors. 2. Rooftop AC systems – These are different from split systems and are also known as rooftop package units. The components including both the sets of coil and fans are placed in one cabinet on the top of the building. The unit is connected directly to the building’s ventilation system for air circulation. These are available in various types and sizes from which you can choose as per your requirement. 3. Heat pump systems – You can configure the rooftop unit for both heating and cooling. While working as a heat pump, the refrigerant loop is configured with reverse values. Instead of discharging the heat from inside, they take the heat from outside and deliver it inside. So, no worries about the maintenance of heating coils. The benefits are simplicity, space and cost. You can add a humidistat to control humidity and allow circulation of fresh air. 4. Ductless systems - While renovating your space, you might not have enough provisions for installing multiple ducts. Ductless systems use a single heat pump. Much like the split ACs, they come with indoor and outdoor units. They are extremely energy efficient as energy losses through ducts are avoided. They use inverter-driven compressors which means they don’t shut down during a power outage but instead slow down or speed up. The consistency is best suited for commercial buildings. 5. Chilled water systems – These use water in the cooling coils instead of the refrigerants and are common in commercial settings. Water from the chiller barrel is pumped throughout building and the air cools when it passes through the coils. After the heat from the air is removed, the water is pumped back into the chiller. This cycle keeps continuing. The recent designs prevent water-leaks and offer better energy savings. 6. Infrared Radiant Heater – This equipment is best suited for large spaces like garages and warehouses. Heat transfers through thermal radiation and then the heated air further transfers heat through convection, comfortably warming your open space. The heat-transfer is not affected by wind and the heat-loss is negligible. The common types are electric, gas and oil-fired radiant heating systems. 7. Fresh Air Make-up Systems – You can install this to introduce fresh air into a space; they are commonly found in spaces which require a constant supply of outside air. This is critical in restaurant kitchens, paint booths or hospital suites. It can be housed on rooftops or within a mechanical room. 8. Unit Heater – You can observe unit heaters during winters when they blast you with hot air while entering stores. They can be used to heat greenhouses, detached garages or manufacturing facilities. They can be installed at low costs and occupy less space. Learn about the five signs that your heating system needs repairs in our other blog. 9. Commercial exhaust System – Commercial kitchens and bathrooms require air to be continuously vented to the outdoors. It helps in removing airborne contaminants, odour and fumes. Contact us anytime for commercial HVAC installations and maintenance services.

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