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How to Find the Correct Commercial Air Conditioning Service

Commercial Air Conditioning Service

High-quality air conditioning systems are essential for any commercial building. In a commercial setting, you would want to make sure your employees and customers are happy by providing them with a comfortable working environment. Choosing the right commercial air conditioning service requires certain considerations, such as the size of the air conditioning unit, the number of people using it and the space available. You can count on Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd for commercial air conditioning services in Toronto and the GTA. We have been providing installation, maintenance and emergency repairs for air conditioning and ventilation systems since 2005.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Commercial Air Conditioning Service While finding the right commercial air conditioning service, know that the HVAC system's features and size will be much larger than in a residential setting. Here are some of the factors that you should look out for: 1. The Precise Size Commercial HVAC systems come in different sizes. Choosing the right size depends upon your organization's requirements and design. Large HVAC systems tend to consume more energy and, in turn, increase the amount of indoor humidity. Small HVAC systems won't cool your commercial building effectively. Focus on choosing a system that produces the right amount of conditioned air for your commercial property, taking into account the comfort and energy savings. Installing an incorrect size system will increase the utility costs and the HVAC system is likely to wear and tear with continuous usage. If want to replace your old system, take help from professional technicians to understand the right size based on load calculations. 2. Location and Specifications Understand the square footage of your building along with the insulation, window and door position. Ceiling height will also play a role in the placement of HVAC systems. You might need more than one HVAC system if your commercial area also has a storage function. Consider opting for split systems for better control of temperature and humidity. For optimum utilization, choose a system that can handle extreme temperatures and maintains consistent indoor temperatures. 3. HVAC Version Select a better version of commercial HVAC to ensure it has all the advanced controls for efficient temperature management. The advanced version will have the necessary components for specific temperature and humidity settings. 4. The Type of System Research the popular type of systems to figure out which works for your commercial building. Systems such as:

  • Packaged Systems: Packaged systems will provide energy efficiency and space-saving as heating and cooling systems are contained in a single cabinet

  • Heat Pumps: They help cool the air and expel heat outside. They also reduce energy consumption

  • Ductless Systems: If your commercial property has no ducts, consider ductless HVAC systems that cool or warm your property by dividing it into different zones

Apart from these factors, check for systems that provide good indoor air quality and are reliable for the budget that you are willing to spend. To avoid costly repairs, regularly maintain your HVAC systems with the help of experts. Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd provides commercial HVAC systems for jobs that are both big and small. We also offer commercial kitchen exhaust services and quality fire-rated duct wraps. Contact us today to request an estimate on your project for our commercial air conditioning services!



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