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5 Signs Your Commercial Heating System Needs Repairs

Technician working on a commercial heating system

Your commercial heating system is undoubtedly nothing short of a climate control titan. But even a titan will come to an eventual, crushing halt. It’s important to recognize the signs that it might be time to replace or repair your unit. At Lucky Air Climate Control, we take care of all your commercial and home heating needs. Let our experts help you recognize the signs that your commercial heating system is in need of repairs.

1. Noises Disrupting Your Employees Climate control systems that are in desperate need of repair will often make terribly disruptive noises. These noises include clicking, buzzing, humming or clanking. These noises are not only a major distraction to your employees, but also a sure sign that your system needs to be repaired, or in certain cases, even replaced. 2. Rising Heating Costs One of the most sure-fire ways to tell if your commercial heating system in Toronto is in need of repairs is an increase in heating costs. We all know that the colder the weather, the higher your heating bill, but what about when the weather’s warm? If you see a sudden spike in your heating bill when the weather is mild, it could be a sign that your commercial HVAC system in Toronto is on the fritz. 3. Low or Non-Existent Heat There are a variety of problems that could stem from a faulty heating system, one of the most obvious being low or no heat output problems. If you find that some of the rooms in your building just aren’t being heated up like they should be, it could mean that you have a problem with your burner, ductwork or fans. If this is the case, give us a call for commercial HVAC repair in Toronto as soon as possible. 4. Leaking As you can probably guess, leaking is never a good sign when it comes to any appliance. If a boiler handles your heating, leaking pipes are a nightmare. Be sure to call a commercial heating expert right away. 5. Age One of the easiest ways to tell if your commercial heating system is in need of repair (or in this case possibly replacement) is age. Every unit has a finite amount of time before it just stops working properly. Generally speaking, your heating system can last anywhere between 10 and 20 years. But once it starts getting up in age, it’s time to start checking it more regularly. If you’re in the market for commercial heating and cooling repair in Toronto, make an appointment with Lucky Air Climate Control. Our friendly and professional staff will take care of your problems easily. Visit us here for more information regarding our products and services.

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