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3 Top Benefits of Having a Rooftop HVAC System

HVAC system outside.

Finding a quality company to install a rooftop HVAC system in Richmond Hill has never been easier. Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd. provides the best commercial services in the GTA due to their consistent drive for perfection. Relocating your HVAC system has become a recent trend amongst commercial business owners- and it’s no coincidence that more and more are choosing to install them on the roof. Listed below are the top three ways having a rooftop HVAC system will benefit your business and provide you with long-term satisfaction.

Benefits of Buying a Rooftop HVAC System in Richmond Hill A company’s employees and work culture ultimately determine how productive they are. To truly understand the benefits of a rooftop HVAC unit, consider the following facts: 1. Easy Access Situating your HVAC system on your roof ensures that any needed maintenance can be done easily and efficiently. Maintenance crews can access the unit without needing to enter the building thus preventing any risk of work interruption or private information being exposed. In the event that your HVAC system does need work done to it, employees will not be disrupted or required to move to accommodate the crew. This bodes well for overall employee well-being. Relatively small considerations like this will show your employees that you care about their workplace experience and value their contributions. 2. A Quiet Work Environment Choosing to position your HVAC system on the roof allows employees to do their work without being bothered by noise emitted from the system. In a recent study, 73% of Canadians estimated that they would save roughly two hours a day at work if they were not as distracted. When installing a rooftop HVAC system, you’re doing more than providing heat and air conditioning for a building. You are not only eliminating that dreaded noise around the office environment- you are increasing your company’s productivity rates and helping your company grow. 3. Allows for Expansion Large commercial roofs provide a reasonable amount of square footage to allow your HVAC systems to grow as much as your business does. Common reasons for expanding include:

  • Hiring more employees

  • Building extensions

Having an internal HVAC system will limit your expansion needs while undergoing either of those workplace changes. Depending on your company, you may want to reconsider how your business’ growth can impact the growth of your HVAC needs. How to Reach Out Other benefits of a commercial rooftop air conditioner include saving space in the workplace and increased security- having your system above ground level makes it harder for vandalism to occur on your property. Regardless of your business, Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd. is the best company to install a rooftop HVAC system in Richmond Hill. Their reliable and unparalleled rooftop heating and cooling services help you feel comfortable in all work environments! For more information on the quality of our work, check out some of our testimonials.

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