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Expert Commercial HVAC contractors in Richmond Hill & the GTA

Don't wait till your commercial HVAC fails you when the temperatures are too hot, too cold and uncomfortable for you and your colleagues or employees. Take action now by calling our commercial HVAC contractors at Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd. to service your air-conditioning units! Explore our testimonial page and read what our customers say about our work, and do not hesitate to call us now. You can also fill out the e-form at the end of the page to get answers to questions or would like to request an estimate!


Why Work with a Professional Commercial HVAC Contractor?

When it comes to your office or commercial space, working with professionals who know how to repair, install or service your HVAC unit is essential. Our commercial HVAC contractors are equipped to handle the unique needs of your establishment, which often go beyond the work of residential contractors and handymen. Not only are commercial air-conditioning systems bigger and more powerful than residential units, but they also have different temperature control requirements and must be zoned correctly to ensure the maximum comfort of your employees and customers. You can count our HVAC contractors for the following reasons:

  • Experience and Knowledge

Our team has more than 17 years of experience, training, specialized knowledge and skill to guarantee high-quality results.

  • Time and Cost-Effective

Our HVAC contractors will ensure that your system receives the best emergency services and regular maintenance to operate at the most energy-efficient rate. We are equipped to perform all installations, repairs and maintenance of your HVAC in a timely and cost-effective way.


At Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd, we are committed to keeping your commercial business and workplace in Richmond Hill comfortable and safe. Contact our HVAC contractors to discuss your requirements now!


Other Services We Offer

We offer a host of services that cater to the multiple needs of many people in the Richmond Hill, Markham, Scarborough and the Greater Toronto Area. All our services are of the highest quality and are performed by expert professionals who have years of experience in the field, which makes them capable of solving almost any problem that your machine might have.

  • Commercial Air Conditioning Services: When you notice strange noises or unpleasant odours from your HVAC system, call our emergency services to repair and provide maintenance services for your commercial air-conditioning system.
  • Commercial HVAC Installation: Our HVAC contractors can help with all your HVAC or AC needs so that your business’ investment goes towards a productive, welcoming place for your employees throughout the year.
  • Commercial Air Balancing: Our experts will conduct airflow tests in your building to resolve the issue of uneven air-conditioning in your building. We provide comprehensive commercial air balancing reports for your commercial property in Richmond Hill.
  • Commercial Exhaust System: An efficient exhaust system helps maintain the optimum temperature and improve indoor air quality for you and your employees by eliminating harmful smoke and odour. Count on Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd. to provide exhaust system installation, repair and maintenance so your business can operate safely and efficiently.
  • 3M Fire-rated Duct Wrap: We supply high-quality 3M fire-rated duct wraps for your ventilation and HVAC ducts to prevent mishaps and fires to ensure the safety of your property. We have the experience and expertise to provide customized fire control solutions for your commercial HVAC unit.
  • Commercial Kitchen Exhaust: Our team of dedicated professionals has the experience and expertise in serving commercial kitchen exhaust systems. Be it repair, maintenance or installation, we can help you maximize the performance of your commercial system.
  • Rooftop HVAC System : Apart from installations, timely repairs and affordable maintenance services for your rooftop system, our contractors can help you choose a new HVAC system to suit your specific needs. We will assess your property, understand your requirements, and then suggest a commercial property, business, and budget system.


All our services have been received very well by our host of customers across the Richmond Hill and Greater Toronto Area. The quality of our service, our professionalism, our willingness to always help and our availability in times of need has often been appreciated by our customers. We have also been praised for the speed and efficiency of our services and our competitive pricing, along with the longevity of our serving solutions - all of which are top-class. This has helped us build not only a set of loyal customers but a series of relationships with longstanding clients who have been associated with us for a long time now.



Trusted Commercial HVAC Contractors in Richmond Hill

Our experts offer comprehensive solutions to ensure your highest level of comfort and satisfaction!

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