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Reliable Emergency HVAC Services in Toronto

We at Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd understand the value of your indoor heating and cooling system in your house or in commercial space. Many times extreme weather conditions can take a toll on your heating or cooling system. When your air conditioner or heater breaks down, you need quick help! At Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd we are available for emergency requirements where our skilled technicians have the training to get to the root of any heating, ventilation or air conditioning problem/malfunction quickly.


For emergency HVAC service in Toronto, you need professionals who can fix your system right away. Our emergency heating repair and emergency AC repair services will give you peace of mind. Once we diagnose the problem, we immediately get your HVAC system back up and running. Get in touch with us for any HVAC emergency services in Toronto.


Emergency HVAC Repair Services You Can Count On

Your air conditioner or heater breaking down is a common problem during extreme winter or summer days. For all those issues outside usual operating hours can’t always wait on the next business day. That is why we offer 24/7 emergency heating repairs and emergency AC repair services for your residential or commercial space in Toronto.

We at Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd don’t believe in any overtime rates. Our motto is to serve our customers in their time of need. The last thing we want our clients to risk their family’s safety during emergency HVAC repairs. Unlike some heating and air conditioning companies that charge up to 2 times more after working hours, our service costs remain the same, no matter what. Moreover, our charges are very straight and don’t have any hidden costs or anything extra which wasn’t quoted before starting the work. We charge by the job and not by the hour so you’ll always have an estimated cost in advance. Get in touch with us to get a quote.


Common Problems Leading to HVAC Emergency

An HVAC emergency usually comes at unexpected hours, and it needs immediate attention due to safety reasons. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) emergency is mainly because of the failure to perform this maintenance. It is always recommended to schedule an annual maintenance visit for professional cleaning, attending to system components, and verifying fluid levels. These routine maintenance tasks are essential for your AC heater system’s efficiency, reliability, and safety.

Another primary reason leading to HVAC emergencies is faulty and outdated systems. If you’re paying for repeated repairs and emergency service calls where the repairs approach 50 percent of your system, it is better off upgrading your system. Sometimes inexperience service also leads to system issues and the best way to avoid it is to seek reliable operator’s services.


Why Choose Us

When the heat goes out on a cold winter, or the AC quits on a hot summer day, we understand that you have to seek urgent help. At Lucky Air Climate Control, you won’t need to sacrifice your family's comfort or safety. Our technicians are available to respond to your call for service round the clock, seven days a week.

All set and ready to repair the problem in your heating or cooling equipment, our technicians at Lucky Air Climate Control arrive with fully stocked service vans. They have the expertise in all brands of heating and air conditioning equipment. In case a technician ever needs a second opinion or does not have a part not stocked on the trucks, then there is a field supervisor who is always available to lend a helping hand. Get in touch with us now!

Having HVAC Issues in the Middle of Night?

Our 24x7 services are always available for your help!

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