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With hot summers and cold winters, intense weather is a common visitor to the GTA and Richmond Hill. If you work in a business-centred metropolitan area like ours, you probably spend most of your day hard at work in an office. Many office workers wouldn’t doubt the importance of a reliable and functioning climate control system.


A workplace that’s too stuffy or too chilly can lead to a disgruntled team with low morale, not to mention decreased productivity. Why not make your job easier? The HVAC unit installation experts at Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd. in Richmond Hill can help with all your HVAC or AC needs so that your company’s energy investment goes towards a productive, welcoming place all year round.


When you choose Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd., you can be confident that professionals with experience and knowledge are on your side. Our Scarborough-based company has been in the HVAC business since 2005, serving clients all over the GTA and Richmond Hill. We are proud of our reputation for friendly and efficient service without the inflated price tag. Our team will get the job done fast and clean up the work site afterwards, too! Call Frank for a quote today! If you wish to know more about ACs or HVAC unit installation, please read our blogs.

Common Problems with HVAC Units

HVACs are a popular option for efficient air conditioning in large spaces. If you are looking to install one of these units in your commercial property, here are a few of the common issues you should be aware about:

  • Clogged Filters

A clogged air filter requires a lot more energy to keep the HVAC unit running, thus increasing wear-and-tear on your system and diminishing the efficiency. A blocked filter might eventually cause an HVAC unit to fail.

  • Coil Frozen

A dirty air filter, a refrigerant leak, blocked condensate lines, or a malfunctioning AC unit fan or thermostat are all possible reasons for a frozen air conditioner coil. An air conditioning unit may begin to leak water if the coil freezes.

  • Blower Motor Failure

When you put your hand on one of the vents and feel cooled or heated air, but the air isn't moving outward, your blower motor may be dead. Keep in mind that a severely worn-out motor needs total replacement.

  • Malfunctions in the HVAC Unit Electrical System

HVAC system failure, including air compressor failure, can be caused by a faulty circuit board or damaged wiring, resulting in an expensive repair. For that reason, HVAC unit specialists don't just look at the overall condition of your unit but inspect every component inside and out.


Signs That Indicate Your AC Needs Replacement

If you observe any of these with your AC or HVAC units, it’s time to call the professionals for a new AC Installation in Richmond Hill:

  • Demands frequent repairs: If you had to repair your unit more than twice in a season, it’s time to contact the professionals for a new AC installation in Richmond Hill.
  • Increase in energy bills: Significant rises also tend to indicate that your HVAC unit needs replacement.
  • Air quality issues: Poor indoor air quality could be caused by a faulty air conditioner. Contact HVAC contractors if you notice a decrease in air quality.


Why Choose Us for HVAC unit installation in Richmond Hill?

During all these years, we have garnered the trust of our customers with our dedication to work and professional approach. Our AC and HVAC unit installations have helped many  commercial clients in Richmond Hill and the GTA. If you are also looking for reliable services, we can help. Here are some reasons to convince you:

  • Our government-certified experts use industry best practices, so you can rest assured that the task will be completed correctly.
  • We have around 18 years of experience in this industry and can take up all kinds of HVAC and AC installations.
  • We only carry high-quality brands that are known for their dependability and performance.
  • We offer a one-year labour warranty because you deserve the peace of mind.
  • To give you the best, we take an open, honest approach.


Our Other Services

Here is a list of some of our services related to HVAC units and ACs:

If you wish to get HVAC installation in Richmond Hill or any of the above-listed services, make sure that you give us a call today!

Custom Ductwork for Your System

Our technicians are pros at problem-solving. When you call us for a repair service, we put on our investigator caps in order to find out what’s wrong and fix it. The same process applies when we’re creating ductwork. If your building has space constraints, we offer custom sheet metal fabrications unique to your system. Our ductwork is manufactured to exacting standards to keep your unit working efficiently. Improperly sized or poorly designed ducts are common reasons for high energy bills and discomfort due to rooms not receiving warm or cool air. Our custom ductwork prevents these problems. Give us a call to learn more about our services.


We offer WSIB-registered commercial insurance up to $2-million.

HVAC Installation
HVAC Installation
HVAC Installation
HVAC Installation

Professional AC & HVAC Unit installation in Richmond Hill

For all your needs related to HVAC, AC and HVAC unit installation in Richmond Hill, trust Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd.