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At Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd, we believe the best way to serve customers (and have satisfied customers) is by having informed customers. If there is a small task the average homeowner or property owner can do on their own without injuring themselves or the equipment, we’re more than happy to share this information. And, it’s for the benefit of us all. 

Providing the right information to customers saves them from unexpected repairs (and unnecessary bills), but also creates a customer base that only requires services from a trained and experienced HVAC technician. With these things in mind, we’re writing a series of blog post that will highlight DIY heating and air maintenance, as well as other tidbits that may prove useful for you down the road.

Enjoy our Toronto heating and air blog! If you have any questions about the content, or you’d like to suggest a topic for an upcoming blog post, please feel free to contact us at any time.

  • technician fixing A/C unit
    Should You Repair or Replace Your Commercial HVAC?

    Did you know that Toronto broke a heat record that had been around for over 80 years? This happened when the city clocked in at 32.5 C. As climate change continues to worsen, it's going to be essential to have a reliable commercial HVAC unit.


    If you're experiencing issues with your system, you're probably wondering what you need to do. Keep reading to learn whether you should repair or replace your commercial HVAC.


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  • rooftop HVAC system
    Business Owner Guide to Commercial Heating and Cooling Services

    Are you in the market for a new commercial heating and cooling system? You may have many questions about the industry and the type of service you may need for your business. First, it is essential to understand a few aspects of the installation process to get the most out of your quotes.

    Without this information, it's possible you could overpay for installation services. As a business owner, you've got enough things to deal with than to become an expert on heating and cooling systems to get some quotes. That's why we've created this informative, quick guide to help you.

    Consider this your business owner guide to commercial heating and cooling services.


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  • Kitchen Ventilation Systems
    Safety Checklist for Your Kitchen Exhaust System

    From 2010-2014, 61% of kitchen fires were caused by equipment. One of the major contributors is the kitchen exhaust. This vital piece of equipment is in place to protect you and those around you from a hazardous environment.


    There are various ways to ensure that you are putting kitchen safety first. Read on to find our complete checklist for the safety of your kitchen exhaust system.

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  • Technician checking commercial air conditioner
    How to Improve the Efficiency of Your Commercial HVAC System

    In 2018, Ontario's total energy use for offices was 172 petajoules, a 4.1% increase from the previous year. This increase is not only bad for the environment, but it's terrible for companies' wallets too. There are quite a few ways you can strive for energy conservation in your building, and starting with your commercial HVAC system is a smart place to start. 

    To learn about the actions you can take to make your HVAC system run more efficiently, keep reading. 


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  • HVAC system outside.
    3 Top Benefits of Having a Rooftop HVAC System

    Finding a quality company to install a rooftop HVAC system in Richmond Hill has never been easier. Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd. provides the best commercial services in the GTA due to their consistent drive for perfection.  

    Relocating your HVAC system has become a recent trend amongst commercial business owners- and it’s no coincidence that more and more are choosing to install them on the roof.

    Listed below are the top three ways having a rooftop HVAC system will benefit your business and provide you with long-term satisfaction. 


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  • Air Balancing
    Four Ways to Prevent Hot and Cold Spots via Air Balancing

    Air balancing is a process that includes altering your existing HVAC system to ensure that air is being consistently distributed all across your house. All zones of your house must receive an equal amount of air and heat transfer because this ensures that the temperature inside your house is correctly modulated. Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd. offers residential and commercial HVAC services in Greater Toronto. We hold over a decade of experience in HVAC repair and installation services – we are here so you can rely on us for all types of commercial air conditioning services, commercial HVAC installation and commercial kitchen exhausts.  

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  • Commercial Air Balancing
    What Is Air Balancing and When Is It Necessary?

    Often when you think that your HVAC system is deteriorated, making you worry over the cost of a replacement, a simple air balancing procedure can help restore its efficiency and increase its life. Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd has been providing some of the most efficient commercial HVAC services since 2005. In this short read, you can familiarize yourself with what exactly air balancing is and when would you need it.

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  • Commercial Air Conditioning Service
    How to Find the Correct Commercial Air Conditioning Service

    High-quality air conditioning systems are essential for any commercial building. In a commercial setting, you would want to make sure your employees and customers are happy by providing them with a comfortable working environment. Choosing the right commercial air conditioning service requires certain considerations, such as the size of the air conditioning unit, the number of people using it and the space available. You can count on Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd for commercial air conditioning services in Toronto and the GTA. We have been providing installation, maintenance and emergency repairs for air conditioning and ventilation systems since 2005.

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  • 19/11/2019
    Top 5 essential tips for HVAC maintenance

    Given the GTA’s temperature extremes, you know how important your home’s HVAC system is. That’s why it gets regular maintenance is critical. In the meantime, here are a few things you can do yourself to keep your system in good shape.


    1.       Clean or replace your air filter

    Your air conditioner’s filter should be cleaned or replaced once a month in high season. Filters clogged with dust and dirt can reduce airflow and make your AC less efficient, so be sure to check yours often. Some filters are reusable and can be cleaned, while others must regularly be replaced. To clean your filter, follow manufacturer instructions and make sure to let it air dry completely.

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  • Commercial HVAC contractors
    Weatherizing Your HVAC System for Any Season

    Business owners have always been looking for ways to reduce expenses without compromising on the standard of living. Weatherizing offers a cost-effective way to improve indoor comfort. You will also be benefited from the improved energy efficiency of your HVAC system. You can always call professional commercial HVAC contractors for the job but there are certain things you can do by yourself. We will be discussing it in this blog post.

    At Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd, we provide full service commercial HVAC services, offering installation and repair work for systems. Our talented team of technicians is an expert in working from basement residential heating systems to rooftop commercial HVAC systems. You can always count on us in getting the job done right.

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  • Fire Rated Duct Wrap
    Why Fire Rated Duct Wrap is Essential for Every Kitchen

    Grease ducts are designed specifically to vent grease-laden flammable vapours from cooking equipment (such as stoves, deep fryers, and woks) outside a home or building. Their construction and maintenance is regulated and it is an essential part of the building's passive fire protection system. Fire codes or related safety regulations have to be followed while cleaning them. This is because grease and other exhaust from a kitchen is highly combustible, significantly increasing the risk of fire. The use of fire rated duct wrap in your kitchen is important to prevent a fire from spreading.


    Multi-story commercial and residential buildings usually use air distribution systems (ADS) to provide the necessary heating, cooling and ventilating functions. These systems must meet the minimum performance and fire safety standards set by the building code. At Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd, we provide fire rated duct wraps to our clients in Toronto. Our experienced team can handle all commercial and residential projects. We also provide quality commercial air conditioning services.

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  • Commercial HVAC
    Renovating Your Commercial Space? We Have the Best HVAC Solutions.

    While renovating your commercial space, you can modify your HVAC system also. Change the old heating and cooling solutions like boilers, and install the latest products. With advanced technology, commercial HVAC equipment are now more energy-efficient. Offer benefits including lower energy bills, better working environments and a boost in productivity. Lucky Air Climate Control Ltd. has been providing commercial HVAC services in the Greater Toronto Area since 2005. Our team is committed to providing expert workmanship and quality products.

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  • Technician working on a commercial heating system
    5 Signs Your Commercial Heating System Needs Repairs

    Your commercial heating system is undoubtedly nothing short of a climate control titan. But even a titan will come to an eventual, crushing halt. It’s important to recognize the signs that it might be time to replace or repair your unit. At Lucky Air Climate Control, we take care of all your commercial and home heating needs. Let our experts help you recognize the signs that your commercial heating system is in need of repairs.

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  • Checking items off a list
    Spring Checklist for Your Commercial or Condo HVAC System

    Maintaining your commercial or condo building’s HVAC system is extremely important, especially when it comes to the beginning of the spring season. While it might be your natural instinct to start cleaning up everything in your home, people often forget that their mechanical systems need attention as well. Your HVAC needs to be cleaned regularly and receive proper maintenance in order for it to keep functioning properly. At Lucky Air Climate Control, we take the care of your condo air conditioning system in Toronto very seriously. Let our experts walk you through some of the different steps to take before turning on the A/C this spring.

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